Osho From Heart To Heart
OSHO HEART TO HEART TAROT is a tool to enrich one′s inner understanding intuitively and playfully. Osho words are merely a finger pointing to the moon, it may provoke us, it may hurt us also, but surely it′s purity and power may awaken us from our age long sleep and endless dreams. And it may help alight our path and prepare us for our journey within.
We have suggested here certain layouts for reading, but one should always listen to one′s own intuition and may formulate layout as per need of the individual, for every person is unique unto oneself.
For deeper understanding and guidance on meditation techniques, one can always visit the nearest Osho Centers. One can also takes help from innumerable Osho books and discourses which are available in all leading book stores and Osho Centers.
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Message for the moment

Message for the momentAnytime of the day shuffle the deck, pick a card and get a Message from your own deepest core of the Heart. Meditate over it.

Getting attuned with your partner

Getting attuned with your partnerThis spread can be used for getting attuned in your relationship with your partner, lover or business associate

Understanding pastlives

Understanding pastlivesThis spread could be useful for understanding one's past life experiences and prepare oneself for the journey here now.

Wheel of karma

Wheel of karmaThrought this spread one can peep into one's cycle of karma and it's consequences.

Present life reading

Present life readingThis spread is devisited for understanding one's present life's spiritual journey.

Chakra reading

Chakra readingThis spread can be used as a map for understanding one's seven Chakras. Osho's guidance is to attain total harmony in all the seven Chakras or Energy Centers.

Discovering one's balance

Discovering one's balanceThis spread could be useful in finding one's balancing point. Everybody is unique so is the balancing point.