Shastro"Shastro has proven himself as one of the more versatile performers in the realm of world fusion music - an artist who never fails to surprise and enchant with every sound-escape he creates."

Music Design In Review.

Shastro is a multi-instrumentalist, born in Italy. The development of his unique musical style evolved over many years during his frequent visits to other countries such as Spain, Turkey, Africa, South America and India. These journeys were inspired by a spiritual search that led him to experience meditation in India and creating music for various meditation techniques.

His music can best be described as relaxed world music. He performs on Spanish guitar, Indian bamboo flutes, African kora harp, hammered dulcimer and Native American flutes, all with equal ease and beauty, integrating these ancient instruments into a compelling contemporary sound.

Shastro specializes in music to drift away on - even his upbeat titles exude this relaxed soothing effect. 


Шастро - No Dimensions Title Of Album: No Dimensions
Year Of Release: 1994
 Bandole Title Of Album: Bandole (Real Music)
Year Of Release: 1994
 Shambala Title Of Album: Shambala
Year Of Release: 1995
 Shanay Title Of Album: Shanay
Year Of Release: 1996
 Malimba Moon Title Of Album: Malimba Moon
Year Of Release: 1997
 Oasis Night Title Of Album: Oasis Night
Year Of Release: 1999
 Zenotes Title Of Album: Zenotes
Year Of Release: 1999
 Tantric Heart Music for Lovers Title Of Album: Tantric Heart Music for Lovers
Year Of Release: 2000
 Reiki Offering Title Of Album: Reiki Offering
Year Of Release: 2001
 Shamans Healing Title Of Album: Shamans Healing
Year Of Release: 2002
 Earth Sutras Title Of Album: Earth Sutras
Year Of Release: 2004