From Head to Heart

The first point: try to be headless. Visualize yourself as headless; move headlessly. It sounds absurd, but it is one of the most important exercises. Try it, and then you will know. Walk, and feel as if you have no head. In the beginning it will be only "as if." It will be very weird. When the feeling comes to you that you have no head, it will be very weird and strange. But by and by you will settle down at the heart.
There is a law. You may have seen that someone who is blind has keener ears, more musical ears. Blind men are more musical; their feeling for music is deeper. Why? The energy that ordinarily moves through the eyes now cannot move through them, so it chooses a different path - it moves through the ears. Blind men have a deeper sensitivity of touch. If a blind man touches you, you will feel the difference, because we ordinarily do much work with touch through our eyes: we are touching each other through our eyes. A blind man cannot touch through the eyes, so the energy moves through his hands. A blind man is more sensitive than anyone who has eyes. Sometimes it may not be so, but generally it is so.
Energy starts moving from another center if one center is not there. So try this exercise I am talking about - the exercise in headless-ness - and suddenly you will feel a strange thing: it will be as if for the first time you are at the heart. Walk headlessly. Sit down to meditate, close your eyes and simply feel that there is no head. Feel, "My head has disappeared." In the beginning it will be just "as if," but by and by you will feel that the head has really disappeared. And when you feel that your head has disappeared, your center will fall down to the heart - immediately! You will be looking at the world through the heart and not through the head.

When for the first time Westerners reached Japan, they couldn't believe that the Japanese traditionally have been thinking for centuries that they think through the belly. If you ask a Japanese child - if he is not educated in Western ways -"Where is your thinking?" he will point to his belly.

Centuries and centuries have passed, and Japan has been living without the head. It is just a concept. If I ask you, "Where is your thinking going on?" you will point toward the head, but a Japanese person will point to the belly, not to the head - one of the reasons why the Japanese mind is more calm, quiet and collected. Now this is disturbed because the West has spread over everything. Now there exists no East. Only in some individuals who are like islands here and there does the East exist. Geographically, the East has disappeared. Now the whole world is Western. Try headlessness. Meditate standing before your mirror in the bathroom. Look deep into your eyes and feel that you are looking from the heart. By and by the heart center will begin to function. And when the heart functions, it changes your total personality, the total structure, the whole pattern, because the heart has its own way.

So the first thing: try headlessness. Secondly, be more loving, because love cannot function through the head. Be more loving! That is why, when someone is in love, he loses his head. People say that he has gone mad. If you are not in love and mad, then you are not really in love. The head must be lost. If the head is there unaffected, functioning ordinarily, then love is not possible, because for love you need the heart to function - not the head. It is a function of the heart. It happens that when a very rational person falls in love, he becomes stupid. He himself feels what stupidity he is doing, what silliness. What is he doing? Then he makes two parts of his life; he creates a division. The heart becomes a silent, intimate affair. When he moves out of his house, he moves out of his heart. He lives in the world with the head and only comes down to the heart when he is loving. But it is very difficult. It is very difficult, and ordinarily it never happens.
I was staying in Calcutta at a friend's house, and the friend was a justice of the High Court. His wife told me, "I have only one problem to tell you. Can you help me?" So I said, "What is the problem?" She said, "My husband is your friend. He loves you and respects you, so if you say something to him it may be helpful." So I asked her, "What is to be said? Tell me."

She said, "He remains a High Court judge even in bed. I have not known a lover, a friend or a husband. He is a High Court judge twenty-four hours a day."

It is difficult: it is difficult to come down from your pedestal. It becomes a fixed attitude. If you are a businessman, you will remain a businessman in bed also. It is difficult to accommodate two persons within, and it is not easy to change your pattern completely, immediately, anytime you like. It is difficult, but if you are in love you will have to come down from the head. So for this meditation try to be more and more loving. And when I say be more loving, I mean change the quality of your relationship: let it be based on love. Not only with your wife or with your child or with your friend, but toward life as such, become more loving. That is why Mahavira and Buddha have talked about nonviolence: it was just to create a loving attitude toward life.

When Mahavira moves, walks, he remains aware not even to kill an ant. Why? Really, the ant is not concerned. Mahavira is coming down from the head to the heart, creating a loving attitude toward life as such. The more your relationship is based on love - all relationships - the more your heart center will function. It will start working; you will look at the world through different eyes - because the heart has its own way of looking at the world. The mind can never look in that way -that is impossible for the mind. The mind can only analyze! The heart synthesizes; the mind can only dissect, divide. It is a divider. Only the heart gives unity.

When you can look through the heart the whole universe looks like one unity. When you approach through the mind, the whole world becomes atomic. There is no unity: only atoms and atoms and atoms. The heart gives a unitary experience. It joins together and the
ultimate synthesis is God. If you can look through the heart, the whole universe looks like one. That oneness is God. That is why science can never find God. It is impossible, because the method applied can never reach to the ultimate unity. The very method of science is reason, analysis, division. So science comes to molecules, atoms, electrons, and they will go on dividing. They can never come to the organic unity of the whole. The whole is impossible to look at through the head.