Osho CHAKRA SOUNDS Meditation

This meditation uses vocal sounds to open and harmonize the chakras while bringing awareness to them. It can bring you into a deep, peaceful, inner silence either through making your own vocal sounds or by just listening to the music and feeling the sounds within you. This meditation can be done at any time. The accompanying music energetically supports and signals the beginning of each stage.

Music is a very subtle meditation. The seven notes of music are concerned with the seven chakras of the body and each chakra has its own note. If you concentrate on that chakra, you will start hearing that note arising within your body. The second chakra has two notes, the third, three. One is important, the other two are just part of it but create a harmony. It goes on becoming a greater harmony, rising higher with each chakra.

On the seventh chakra it is an orchestra. Each chakra has its own form, its own music, its own taste, its own smell. The deeper you move inside yourself, the more you find the whole world, because if it is not within you, you cannot see it without either. Something is needed to correspond.

Osho: Get Out of Your OwnWay, Ch. 14


Eyes remain closed for the whole meditation.

First stage: 45 minutes

Stand, and begin breathing into your belly. While listening to the music, start making sounds in the first chakra, through your mouth.When the music changes, listen, feel and make sounds in the second chakra. This process is repeated up to the seventh chakra, the sounds becoming higher in pitch each time. Then, as the music descends, go down through the chakras.This upward and downward movement of sound is repeated three times.

Second stage: 15 minutes


Sit or lie down and be still.